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SetCron is a web cron that allows you to schedule your scripts on your website — task scheduler service for websites.

Instead of executing command line in the server, SetCron allows you to schedule your tasks by pinging your desired url that run your scripts.

This allows for a simpler way for web developers and site owners who are not familiar with system administration to perform complex crontab settings and timezone settings and period executions.

Save time on your development.
Focus on your script function and let SetCron schedule the executions.

A comparison of SetCron against alternatives

SetCron Linux Crontab User triggered Cron
Accurate executions Yes Yes Dependent on visitor traffic
Multiple Timezone Support Yes Need to script Need to script
Complexity Low High High
Requires Server / Shell Command Access No Yes No
Process Background Background Front end
Monitor Performance Yes Need to script Need to script
Email Notification Yes Need to script Need to script