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I’ve installed ALO EasyMail Newsletter Plugin on my server, and I want to set up a cron job to trigger ALO EasyMail Newsletter’s cron job script. What should I do to set up the cron job?


Our webcron service gives you an easy way to trigger your ALO EasyMail Newsletter Plugin’s cron job script.

Just follow the simple steps below to configure cron job for your ALO EasyMail Newsletter:

  1. Before using SetCron, please add define(‘DISABLE_WP_CRON’, true); to your wp-config.php file to disable the WP Cron System.
  2. Go to Tasks and click Add Task.
  3. In field “URL to call” of Cron Job Scheduler, enter (replace with your install location). Choose an appropriate cron job execution frequancy (for ALO EasyMail Newsletter, we recommend to have the cron job run “every 5 minutes”).
  4. For executing your script every five minutes, enter:
    */5 for minute, * for hour, * for day of month, * for month and * for day of week fields.
  5. If necessary, complete the rest of the details.
  6. You’re done! SetCron will trigger your Amazon eStore Affiliates Plugin’s cron job script dutifully according to your crontab setting.

For your information on your cron job executions, go to the Usage tab and it will show you the counters, last ran execution and execution timing for your cronjob.


Download our WordPress plugin and add/ edit your cron jobs on directly your WordPress admin panel!


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